Max Factor Colour Elixir, Lip Gloss (60 Polished Fuchsia)

51.00 AED


Perfect your pout with Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Gloss’s high-shine, smooth-feel formula. Available in many subtle to vibrant shades, it glides over lips for a gorgeous pop of colour, without all the stickiness. It?s time to shine.

The high-shine, smooth-feel formula means it’s great for mixing with your favourite lipstick to create stunning shades and effects. Lips feel soft and moisturised with a glorious high-gloss finish.

Make-up Artist Tips
Create an incredible lip-plumping effect by applying a small amount over your lipstick, directly in the centre of your lips. For an even fuller lip look, line your lips with a matching shade of lip liner first, then apply the gloss. For best results, apply with the wand provided.

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