9M Lashes – 16mm Mink

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Introducing the brand new 16mm 9M eye lashes collection from 9Makeup.

Made from authentic Siberian mink, the 9M eye lashes have been specifically designed to suit all eye shapes and accentuate your makeup look. Suitable for everyday wear, we have the perfect eye lashes for every occasion.

Going for a natural look for the evening? We got you covered! Now with 3 stunning shapes, from a all-natural look to a modest-glam or high-def show stopper style, these eye lashes are an absolute MUST HAVE in your makeup kit.

What are they?

A beautiful pair of false eyelashes that flawlessly blends in with your natural lashes, but adds length and light volume to make your eyes look absolutely stunning.

So what are you waiting for? They are just a click away!



Makeup Artist Tips

How to use?

Applying 9M lashes:

-Gently lift the outer corner of the lash band to remove the lash from the tray
– Apply an even coating of the glue across the band (don’t put too much of the glue in one place, make sure they are even).Allow 20–30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky before application.
-Grab a mirror, look downwards in the mirror, take a tweezer and apply the lash to the outer three-quarters of your eyes

-Make sure you don’t close your eyes while applying the lashes to prevent the shape from changing. Once applied, hold it there for 5 seconds and gently remove your fingers from the lashes

-Blink several times to make sure they are properly set, and you’re done!

Don’t forget to admire yourself in the mirror on how beautiful they make your eyes look!

-To maintain lash shape and strength, do not wash or soak your lashes in any liquid, including alcohol, makeup remover, or soap and water.


-16mm Mink Lashes


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