1. Moisturize
    • Hydrated skin means healthy skin. Regardless if you are a top MUA or just starting your makeup journey, the first step to flawless skin is to moisturize. This will not only help lay your foundation perfectly, but you’ll find your skin has an extra glow which can keep up with your busy lifestyle – from sunup to sunset!
  2. Clean brushes
    • We get it, no one is very good at this step. We’ll even confess to it. But cleaning your brush will help keep them in good condition to lay your look – without any scary colour crossovers!
  3. Shade match foundation
    • We recommend getting a foundation as close to your natural skin tone as possible or you run the risk of looking washed out or too dark for your complexion. Take your time selecting the perfect shade if you want to avoid awkward foundation lines. 
  4. Setting powder/spray
    • No-one likes streaky makeup. With the ever changing weather and busy lifestyles, constant touch ups are not always possible. Setting sprays and powders help to keep your look in place all day long – plus, the sprays are super refreshing on hot days!
  5. Wet the brush for strong eyeshadow colour
    • Looking to get the most out of your eyeshadow palette? Try wetting your brush with some setting spray before you dip into the pan and watch as the colour becomes intense for the ultimate stand out look. 
  6. White/nude liner on the waterline
    • Here’s a trick you never knew… heavy makeup can give the illusion of small, drawn in eyes. Leave that look in the early 00’s and use some white or nude eyeliner on your water line for a brighter, wider eye. 
  7. Bold eyes or lips – pick one
    • We love an intense, bold look – but sometimes it can be too much. Choosing either a bold eye or lip look will help define your features and really draw attention where you want it.
  8. Blending – into the neck and ears
    • Mastered tip 3? Good – but what about your neck and ears? It’s important to remember to show these areas a little foundation love for a flawless finish. 
  9. Revive mascara with coconut oil or saline solution
    • Gasp! Dried up mascara? Don’t fret grab a touch of saline solution or coconut oil and mix it well into your mascara tub. We love a good revival…
  10. Set lip colour with a tissue and powder
    • We’ve all been caught out with smudged lipstick – nightmare! Set your lip by lightly placing a tissue over your lipstick then dabbing some setting powder to lock it in.

And we are done, just follow these simple intuitive steps and look gorgeous on every occasion!


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