Are you tired of constantly changing foundations to fight against skin imperfections? Are you looking to protect your skin against the harmful sun rays, all while wanting a soft matte velvety finish to your skin which lasts all day long? We have just 3 words for you – DERMACOL MAKEUP COVER!

The Dermacol make up cover is a foundation that has made the brand famous ALL over the world. Its unique, hypoallergenic and water-resistant formula  gives flawless looking skin with an outstanding well-balanced matte coverage and provides a natural velvety finish.

Be it for professional make-up photoshoots, festive occasions or even to cover acne, post surgical bruising, tattoos or any type of scarring, Dermacol cover is a MUST-HAVE in your makeup kit!

What is it?

It’s perfectly splendid, the makeup cover, that’s what it is!

The clinically tested, extreme covering Make-up Cover contains 50% pigments provides 100% coverage even in thin layers and is the go-to corrector for dark under-eye, unpleasant spots and skin blemishes. Designed to be best used on the entire face and body for any color correction, balancing or skin darkening or lightening, it really is the perfect weapon against skin imperfections for any makeup artist’s arsenal.

We can totally imagine this foundation transforming someone’s confidence, especially those who feel self-conscious of any scarring on their skin. With properties so unique, this make up cover is truly a one of a kind foundation cover for your skin. 

Not yet convinced? Keep reading and you will be!


High Coverage 

Thanks to its dense and creamy texture with a high pigment content (more than 50% pigments), Dermacol Makeup cover provides perfect coverage for various skin defects. It is a great product that can be used to cover dark circles under the eyes, moles, bruises, veins and larger defects such as pigment spots, scars and port-wine stains (nevus flammeus) on the face.

SPF 30 sun protection

It provides effective protection against the sun and the harmful UV rays that can dehydrate your skin and result in clogged pores. With SPF 30, your skin will be soft, hydrated and protected all day long, even in summers.


The formula contains hydrophobic ingredients that repel water which guarantees a perfect sweat-free and water resistant appearance. Be it extreme or mild temperatures, the Dermacol make up cover will be your best friend all day long without any problems!

Hypoallergenic, paraben and preservatives free

Using the Dermacol Make-up cover  is absolutely safe, the products have been tested and confirmed to be hypoallergenic with results showing that the foundation does not cause any skin irritation or allergic reactions. What’s more, the make-up cover does not contain any harmful additives that may cause allergies, skin irritation or other issues for sensitive skin.

For all skin types

Do you have normal, combination, dry or sensitive skin? Doesn’t matter, because the Dermacol make-up cover is suitable for ALL skin types! Thanks to its hypoallergenic formula, it is easily tolerated by everyone, even those with sensitive skin. 

and ALL shades

With 19 different shades, you can choose the right one that will match your skin tone and not worry about mixing two different ones, JUST to get your perfect shade that suits you best. From warm and cold undertones to shades for darker olive looking skin, every woman will find the perfect shade to complement her flawless looking skin!

Bonus tip: If you have not used DERMACOL Make-up Cover before, use the MATCH THE SHADE application to help you find the perfect shade for your skin! 

Want a natural look? Just follow these simple steps!

One of the best things about the make-up cover by Dermacol is its one of a kind natural finish look! Follow these simple rules and end up with a beautiful natural looking look, perfect for all occasions.

  1. Choose the right shade that will match your skin tone and apply a small amount (just a few drops) of the foundation onto your skin and spread carefully with a make-up brush or a sponge, proceeding gradually in thin layers so that it completely blends in.
  2.  To apply Make-up Cover onto your face, we recommend using a make-up sponge. If you want to apply it over larger body areas, it is better to use a make-up brush. 
  3. When applying the foundation with a make-up brush, be sure to TAP it on rather than using long strokes. Tapping will deliver a more subtle and natural look.

Three simple steps and you are done. Look at you looking all beautiful and flawless. Bet you believe us now!

So what are you waiting for? Head onto the 9makeup website and get the Dermacol Make-up cover NOW!


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