As much as we love playing with makeup now for a look to fit every occasion, we all had to start somewhere. And how would we learn without a few mistakes along the way? Let’s take a look back at the common makeup mistakes we thought looked good way back when…

Shade matching, who’s that?

The right foundation shade is fundamental to your makeup look, too light and you’re washed out, too dark and say hello mismatched face, hands and neck. We confess, at the start of our makeup journey, shade matching was not high on the priority list. If the shade looked ok in the shop, that was good enough for us! Nowadays, the right shade is so important to us, finding that perfect shade to match our tones makes everything fall into place.

We have lashes below our eyes too?

Who knew? Not us… Back in the day, we were down with that false lash effect and packed on the mascara to our top lashes like it was going out of style. Well, this method was never in style. Whoops! Forgetting to take care of our waterline lashes left our eyes looking unfinished and unbalanced. 

Nude foundation lips

Looking for a nude lip? Use your foundation, right? Wrong! Foundation is not designed to replace lipstick. Period.

Let’s go back to the start

Step one, foundation. Nope! Prepping your skin for makeup is essential for a long lasting look. Hydrated skin will help your foundation blend seamlessly into the skin for a radiant and fresh glow. Before applying your foundation, don’t forget to moisturise.

Spider leg lashes

Piling on the mascara will not give you a false lash effect. If you’re looking for a spider leg inspired eye look for Halloween, great! If not, avoid using too much mascara. Top tip: 2 layers of mascara is more than enough, and if you go to far, grab a small bristle brush to brush out your lashes.

Makeup application in the wrong lighting

Applying your makeup in bad lighting can mean unintentional patches. In our younger days, lighting was not a big consideration when applying, resulting in some unfortunate foundation voids.

Too much foundation

Puberty hit our skin hard. Zits, red blotches, it was a disaster. With all of that to deal with, sometimes the only thing we could think of to cover the blemishes was more foundation, and more, and more, and a little bit more. Unfortunately, we covered the blemishes but ended up with cake face. 

Eyebrow disasters

Eyebrow trends seem to change on a daily basis, so we’re not going to judge too harshly on this one. What was in style in the early 00’s is considered to be an epic fail today. However, those overplucked eyebrows still give us nightmares…

Out of date makeup

We don’t know about you, but our youth came with a budget. A small budget. Drugstore brands were definitely our friends. Now, we love drugstores for their fantastic selection of products at a great price, but as with every product they come with a shelf life. Trying to use that shadow palette for far longer than we should was a bad idea. Check the bad of your products for an indication of how long you should use the product after opening. Beware, makeup that’s been open for too long can change the chemical composition of the formula with as a minimum means it won’t perform as it should, at worst can lead to a very bad reaction on your skin.

Sleeping with makeup on

Arguably the worst is last, sleeping with your makeup on. Thinking back, we can’t even begin to justify this. No wonder we had so many breakouts? 


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